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Day #2 – The meltdowns

Day 2 was very different from day one. To give a little background so this makes more sense, I have a 13 year old son, 11 year old daughter, and a 9 year old son. After yesterday, it seemed that the kids would have less time in front of the computer. That all changed today!  Again, the kids were at their computers at 7:30-8 ish, their computers had updates that needed to be completed, so, that took sometime. As we looked at their schedules for the day I quickly realized that my 9 year old would have my attention for most of the morning. The elementary schedule requires the learning coach to be more engaged than in the Middle school schedule. He isn’t much of a writer and the assignment required a memoir. He immediately laid his head down on the table and became frustrated. I talked to him and explained the assignment, however, he was still upset. Finally, I told him that I think he is going to be awesome at writing about a time in his life and that out of all the family, he would probably be the best at it.. well he perked up and started writing right away. As soon as he was on track, I hear a ” I can’t do this” from the other room, my 13 year old was frustrated. We made a quick call to the Science teacher and that was resolved quickly.  My daughter tends to be the one who handles everything on her own, so next, when she showed signs of frustration I knew she needed help. The typical home school week is supposed to be 29 hours or 5.5 hours a day. I thought we would need time fillers. Well, she worked from 7:30-2 straight. Usually she reads an hour or two in the evening. She is worn out today. Hopefully, the schedule is lighter tomorrow. Everyone was finished by 2, which worked perfectly with my schedule as I handle the FFFP Facebook page from 2-5 today. I have a link in my profile if you wonder what FFFP is all about. I have some pictures I took throughout the day. The kids like to move around instead of being stuck in one place. Lauren decided white board serves us better as an “Art of the day post” board