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I see it already

Day #3 I quickly came to the conclusion today, that my idea of completing everything on my list for the day while the kids are working on Homeschool, is not going to happen. I have to scale back. Another thing I see already, the kids are getting into a groove, the frustration is subsiding. As I mentioned before, the required hours are 27.5 a week or 5.5 a day in Ohio. Payton (13) worked for 6.2 hours online and Lauren worked 5.2 hours online and had additional activities for 1.5 hours. It seems the required hours are not an issue in Middle School. On the other hand, Vaughn (9) worked only 1.75 hours online and 1.5 hours on tasks. He even completed some work for tomorrow.  Now, it is my challenge to fill in his time with other educational activities. I see the kids feeling accomplished as they grasp how things work. They are very happy with their teachers and they have said the teachers don’t  seem as stressed in this environment. On another note:  Today, my plan was to paint a cabinet for a client, do a how-to-video on a special paint technique (news about why I’m doing the videos coming September 16…. so exciting☺) and I accomplished nada!  I even fell asleep on the couch as dinner was in the oven. The alarm on the oven was my wake up call. Now that the kids are getting into a groove, it’s my turn. I’m hoping to complete my work tomorrow. Back to the teachers, the one-on-one between Teachers and Student in this particular enviornment is amazing. Payton had an issue with Math, called his math teacher and he worked through it with him over the phone. Then Payton was confused about his American History assignment, he left a message for his teacher and she called right back and guided him through the issue. The live lessons have been comical for my middle schoolers, as the kids are able to chat and often the chat is unrelated to school, some students have gotten in trouble for things they say. Interestingly, my daughter found out that her Math teacher uses Pokemon Go as a learning application, I can’t imagine the Chaos that would create in a traditional school setting. I did not take many pictures today. My plan for this blog is to post each day this week and then only a couple of times next week.