The light at the end of the tunnel

I can see it! We are getting the hang of this thing. Today everything was smooth. My two Middle schoolers had 5-6 hours of work. My elementary guy finished his work early so we found Art, Reading and some Home Ec ( this helped me). The grades are looking good! Although, they are mostly Quiz type grades, I see the kids trying really hard. You see, to be accepted after 30 days into a foreign language class or even an Art club or Filming Club, they have to be on time with assignments and have  a C or above. That is the focus for all 3 kids. They all want to take Spanish desperatly. My oldest last year had a semester of Spanish and absolutely loved it! I want them to learn so I can stand over their shoulder and benefit too!  Today I had time to paint, I added one of my finished pieces in the pictures. I worked 2-5  online and it was a blast! It is so fun helping other artist on FFFP (link in profile) to figure how to sell their pieces and actually get paid what they are worth. We had some great successes today.  When you love what you do, it makes work not feel like work. Tomorrow, the kids have a short day because if all their hard work  this week. They have plans to enjoy most of the day, while I have plans to catch up on what I need to finish. As you can tell from these pictures the dogs are worn out. 


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