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It’s working, really working

I am amazed at how hard the decision was to home school and how easy it is to just do it. It seemed like such a monumental task to homeschool 3 children. What if it didn’t work? Well, David and I made the decision that it was going to work. No giving up! So far though there are frustrating moments, 3 weeks in it’s working, really working. I see the routine, the kids get it. They are motivated to get up early and finish their work so they have time for things they really enjoy.  Lauren spends the late afternoon on her favorites, art and reading. Payton spends his time with reading and stop motion filming, and Vaughn enjoys making things with Legos, and other creative activities. All the while, my online work schedule fits in, I am able to answer any questions they have, email a teacher if need be, or just make them a snack. It feels good to sit back and see it’s working. The kids haven’t once said they wanted to go back to regular school.  There have been challenges, but usually it requires calling a teacher, they are readily available. They also will wait for their “live lesson” if they have questions on a particular subject. It may just require walking away from the computer and taking a break. The latter happens often with my 8th grader. When he expresses frustration it is time to take a break, and it works. I have to say that Connections Academy is the right choice for my kids. They need the online lessons and the flexibility. They need a structured schedule and teacher interaction. I’m not sure this would work if we didn’t have those options. Switching to my work, I love what I do. I am 1 of 2 assistant administrators (Rebecca started the group) on a great Facebook page that helps Furniture Flippers (link in bio) get the best picture, staging and pricing for their work. The success stories are always my favorite! The people who post how the group has helped their business. Don’t get me wrong, with 18k members we get a few mean responses but overall it is positive. I had a particular piece of furniture that has been sitting in my booth since June, the picture I posted originally was taken before I really focused on staging. I brought it home this weekend to take better pictures utilizing the skills I have learned. I posted the before and after here.  Also, the Mid-Century Modern dresser is an example of staging as well. Along with moving the Homeschool room, we moved bedrooms around. I will post that later this week.


Before Correct Staging


Mid Century Modern Dresser



After Correct Staging


The routine

I haven’t blogged since last Thursday,  so I will catch up today. Friday,  the kids were ahead on their assignments,  they were able to take the day off, although Lauren came home after a morning of volunteer work and decided to do about an hour of school.  Payton worked with his father all day.  He’s a tile installer in the making 😊.  I’ve always thought about the way things were growing up in the 80’s and 90’s. If you grew up around that time computers were not in every home. Cellular phones were in cars and we weren’t so “connected”.  I thought about that Friday while my youngest continually mentioned how boring his day would be without his siblings and nothing to do. I remember as a child saying those words and then immediately,  I was given a chore to do.  That made boredom go away quickly. However,  we are living in such a fast paced world today I realized with Vaughn he needed attention,  one on one time.  I know I don’t give the kids enough one on one time.  So that is on my ” to do list”. At that point,  we decided to find some type of science project or art project to work on together.  We took a trip to Hobby Lobby to find a new sketch book.  However,  another project caught Vaughn’s attention,  a Venus Flytrap kit.  The kids asked a couple of years ago for Venus Flytrap’s and I told them “no”.  This time it was different,  he is older,  and with homeschool,  these are the things we do. We find our own projects together.  As soon as we arrived home he unpacked the kit  and put it together.  They take 1-3 months to grow.  He is showing great patience at this point 5 days into the project. Fast forward to Monday,  the kids started assessments this week so they have a heavier load.  I can see less and less frustration,  and they are really settling into a routine. We shall see how the rest of the week pans out.  I failed to mention,  all weekend I worked on painting and how- to- videos. You will see my latest piece in the pictures


The light at the end of the tunnel

I can see it! We are getting the hang of this thing. Today everything was smooth. My two Middle schoolers had 5-6 hours of work. My elementary guy finished his work early so we found Art, Reading and some Home Ec ( this helped me). The grades are looking good! Although, they are mostly Quiz type grades, I see the kids trying really hard. You see, to be accepted after 30 days into a foreign language class or even an Art club or Filming Club, they have to be on time with assignments and have  a C or above. That is the focus for all 3 kids. They all want to take Spanish desperatly. My oldest last year had a semester of Spanish and absolutely loved it! I want them to learn so I can stand over their shoulder and benefit too!  Today I had time to paint, I added one of my finished pieces in the pictures. I worked 2-5  online and it was a blast! It is so fun helping other artist on FFFP (link in profile) to figure how to sell their pieces and actually get paid what they are worth. We had some great successes today.  When you love what you do, it makes work not feel like work. Tomorrow, the kids have a short day because if all their hard work  this week. They have plans to enjoy most of the day, while I have plans to catch up on what I need to finish. As you can tell from these pictures the dogs are worn out.